Coin Thru Card Learning Page – 4586

We are currently working on a video for Coin thru Card. For now, please see demo for Coin Squeeze, as you will perform this in the same manner

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You get two hollow tubes and a card. The tubes fit together and they latch on using the two notches. You will also need five coins (we recommend American half dollars, for additional options please keep checking back for new video).

Step 1: If holes are not in the card: Insert the card in between the two tubes and press firmly so that it creates two holes and the card is lodged in-between the tube.

Step 2: Have a spectator put 4 coins in the tube. Have the 5th quarter in your left hand, hidden (See video for explanation if need be).

Pick up the tube with your right hand and dump the coins out into your left hand, that is holding the 5th coin. It will look like all 4 coins came out, even though only 3 came out and 1 was retained in the tube. 

Tip: Do not place tube on table, but hold in hand at slight angle so the last coin stays in the tube.

STEP 4: The tube is now slightly upside down with one coin on the underside retained. You now have 4 coins in your hand and one coin hidden in the underside. You are “one ahead”.

STEP 5: Count out loud as you carefully put the 4 coins back into the top of the tube. When ready, tap the black portion of the tube and the coin will dislodge. Tap with magic wand for added mystery.

STEP 6: Pour remaining coins out of the top of the tube and into your hand. Keep in mind that the last quarter will be retained, making it look as though only three quarters came out. Repeat Steps 4-6 as many times as you would like! See video for additional tips and methods.

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